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“Moving to Hawaii was always a dream.”

Raised in North Carolina with deep Hawaii roots, Noelani Love made her dream a reality when she was 21 years old.

She had been honing her craft as a jewelry maker, designing and selling her creations as a college student. She moved to the islands about a decade ago, first to live with her Hawaiian-Chinese tutu (grandmother), and later with friends. Love worked hard to build her brand and expand her business, opening up shop at craft fairs and farmers markets around the island.

Then a couple of years later, when she became pregnant for the first time, yoga entered her life’s path. “When I became pregnant, there was all of a sudden this big shift in my mindset about needing to take better care of my body because I was growing a little one inside of me.” Love decided to commit to a healthier diet, cut processed sugar and stopped drinking alcohol. She enrolled in a prenatal yoga class in her North Shore community to connect with other pregnant women. “And that’s when I got into yoga,” says Love, “Overall I think it was not only a shift happening in my body hormonally, but just this big realization that I was needing to be much more responsible about all of my choices.” Love chose home birth—an “amazing, challenging, and empowering experience.” In a sense, she stepped into the next stage of her life—as a mother—an evolved woman.

Noelani Hawaii

“Experiencing the raw power of birthing a baby at home without medical intervention gave me a sense of my wild nature and my innate ability to create. I started to dive deeper into my yoga practice after I had my son,” says Love, who credits her yoga classes for profound healing experiences. Wanting to deepen her practice, she seized an opportunity to study Kundalini Yoga in India. “I decided to go for it,” she continues, “It was really good for my soul to have space and freedom for self-discovery, and creative expansion, and expression.”

Upon her return from that first trip to India, Love opened her current boutique in Haleiwa. Her North Shore studio, Noelani Hawaii, now marries her passion within one building—jewelry production, a dedicated space for yoga classes and workshops, and a cheery showroom with a full range of yoga gear, women’s fashion, souvenirs, and spiritually-conscious goods. “It provides a peaceful safe haven for women to come and explore alternative lifestyle choices, whether it’s organic clothing, locally designed products, healing crystal jewelry, books about sacred pregnancy and meditation,” says Love, “The shop itself and the space that we’ve
created is truly a place for women to come, take a deep breath and realize that they are beautiful just as they are.”

As a yogini and an artist, Love transpires the power of intentions through her work. “The crystal jewelry I design is really a portal into that mindset,” says Love, “The stones have healing powers and I believe that the wearers of my jewelry feel that magic.” These days, Love balances motherhood, yoga, her jewelry business as well as an emerging music career, with the help of eight women who run the Haleiwa boutique. She still makes time to teach two yoga classes a week at nearby Turtle Bay Resort and holds monthly workshops at her own yoga studio. Some of her favorites are her “Sacred Pregnancy” classes, couples’ Tantra workshops, and mantra/sound healing events.

Exterior and Yoga Studio of Noelani Hawaii

A Lululemon ambassador, Love lends her musical and yoga talents to events such as “Farm Yoga” with live music. In 2016, Love’s “Goddess Gathering” honoring female yogis and featuring her music, garnered success and raised funds for her album. In December 2016, Noelani released her first album, Lakshmi Lullabies, a fusion of Indian mantra and Hawaiian ‘oli weaved by Love’s ukulele and sweet voice. The album title refers to both the Hindu goddess of abundance (Lakshmi) and the peaceful, maternal style of the songs. The collection has had great reviews since its release, and Love says there are more songs and remixes in the works. She holds monthly, full and new moon circles for women at various locations in her North Shore community. Full moon events are usually held at the beach, surrounded by nature, while new moon events are often held inside her studio with ambient music, acoustics, and a calming atmosphere.

“Basically they’re a time for women to come together, to listen to each other in a non-judgmental open-minded way, and with an open heart, in a sacred space,” explains Love. “That’s really what I’m trying to create,” she muses, “A sense of women coming together to be heard, to listen, and to be honored.”

Holding song circles and inviting people to activate their fifth chakra—the throat—has become a strong focus for Love, who feels inspired to help women find their voice, feel empowered, and understand the healing nature of speaking their truth. “Music and mantra have a way of opening up individuals, into experiencing more than the mundane experience of life,” she explains. Growth and stepping outside life’s routines have become a strong focus for Love, whose personal love for learning extends into her international retreats.

“That’s what I like to offer to the participants,” she says, “To step outside of their daily routine. To consider things differently in their life. To try new things. Meet new people. And be able to process.”

Last year, Love hosted a “Goddess Retreat” in Bali, Indonesia, and she is scheduled to hold it again in 2017. “Stepping out of that normal routine and taking a week to just retreat is really restorative to the soul,” she says. “It’s like soul food. It’s magical medicine.” For Love, it seems that every day is filled with new projects to work on and new events to plan. Books to be written. New songs to record. Places to visit. People to meet. Intensive trainings to attend. Conscious communities to help build. In her life’s pursuits, Love has gone full circle and beyond, from finding yoga in her life, to giving back to her community with yoga. Through her art, teachings, and music, she hopes to continue touching the lives of those who seek her gifts. “I am excited to be on this path of healing for myself, my child, our community, and the generations ahead,” says Love. “I hope that my work inspires those around me to shine their own light super bright.”

Noelani Hawaii – 66-437 Kamehameha Hwy., Haleiwa, HI 96712 • (808) 389-3709

Dusty Middleton
Dusty Middleton wrote about the woman he knows best, his girlfriend. They’ve been in a loving partnership for over six years. A North Shore yoga teacher, a big wave surfer, and a writer, Dusty recently finished his second novel Island of Kanaloa, a story of the future the often unknown Hawaiian island, Kahoʻolawe.



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