It’s no secret that today’s technological world doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to an abundance of mental clarity. Sometimes it can seem as though the more gadgets and games we get, the more distracted we become from life in the present moment. It turns out that the old saying, “the things you own end up owning you” applies perhaps even more so to intangible possessions. Think about how many of us cruise around with our heads turned down to our phones, effectively closing off the world around us. Luckily for us, meditation expert Andy Puddicombe compiled over a decade of studies and broke them down into bite-sized, mindful morsels we can chew on at our own pace with the New Age app, Headspace.

The app is free to begin, offering a great intro video and ‘Take Ten;’ a series of ten guided meditation sessions each lasting 10 minutes. To make things even better, Andy personally guides each session (with his super cute English accent) and you can hear the passion and intention for the practice in his soothing voice. Headspace helps new meditation practitioners continue along the path of mindfulness by offering the ability to set daily reminders and receive mindful moment messages, as well as detailing the science behind meditation for those looking for proof of the meditation’s effectiveness. For instance, did you know that just four days of 20-minute “mindfulness training” improved working memory and attention span? Now that’s something we can all get down[loading] with!

Once you complete the first free ‘Take Ten’ sessions, you can opt for a monthly, yearly or “forever” subscription to the app. A subscription unlocks a variety of other mindfulness features including series on health, relationship and performance, all equipped with progress tracker tools.. There are also several stand-alone meditations available to subscribers, ranging from ‘SOS’ meditations for mini meltdown moments, and ‘On-The-Go’ sessions for nearly every situation life brings our way on a daily basis: sleeping, fear of flying, cooking, commuting, running, eating and more.

Of all the hundreds of thousands of apps out there designed to quantify, simplify, and otherwise qualify our lives, Headspace just may be the one to bring us out of our phones and into the present. Peace of mind: finally, there’s an app for that!

AshleySteyaertAshley Steyaert

Ashley currently teaches all formats at CorePower Yoga. She began practicing SUP Yoga in 2015 and now leads weekly classes out on the water as well. Ashley enjoys exploring the island and is particularly enamored by the sea. She spends most of her free time snorkeling, free diving and/or scuba diving.

For more information, check out Ashley’s profile.


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