I actually never use to be a believer in yoga until a couple years ago. I’ve always been the type of workout person who likes my exercises fast-paced and intense. I had always thought yoga was too slow and required too much focus…until I experienced Core Power Yoga. This company has changed my views on yoga entirely, and actually has made such a positive impact in my life. I realize there are multiple styles of yoga to fit everyone’s needs. And I’ve opened my eyes to trying different types of yoga even beyond Core Power Yoga, and challenging my body, inner self, and mind.

Since flexibility is one thing I was never good at, and watching people stand on their hands and heads seemed impossible for me, I decided to take on the challenge to grow my practice from boot camp, or “sculpt” yoga, to focusing on “real” yoga incorporating technique, balance, and maybe one day be able to do inversions. With much dedication and practice, crow pose has become 2nd nature, and after about a year, headstands are a must. This old dog could learn new tricks!

Yoga has inspired me to become a better person both physically and mentally. It makes me feel awake and alive after a practice, and it’s one workout I eagerly look forward to going to. It helps clear my mind, decrease stress, and increase energy. As a whole, I feel more balanced and open-minded.

Now that I’m in my 9th month of pregnancy, yoga has been more beneficial to my life than ever before. Aside from all of the above, it has decreased lower back and pelvic pain, releasing pressure, and overall, has made me feel very healthy during this process. I am currently still going to unheated classes at CPY, prenatal yoga at Purple Yoga, and yoga at HOCU with Jill Seitzinger. I encourage everyone to incorporate yoga into their life, no matter where they are at in their lives. It has been such a positive blessing. Namaste.

-Alysha, Honolulu


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