Yoga Instructor
  • Dr. Jill C. Peterson

    Island: Oahu

    Jill is an iRest® Yoga Nidra Senior Teacher & Trainer, Kripalu trained RYT-200 and Clinical Psychologist who specializes in assisting students to connect with their True Self through the practice of iRest, a guided meditation practice. This is the perfect practice for someone new to meditation or for the seasoned meditator who is interested in learning how to meet the “content” of thought, emotion and sensation in a more easeful, compassionate and expansive manner, allowing for the experience of Awareness to move from the background to the foreground. The practice of iRest allows for the body and mind to experience true REST and relaxation, while enabling you to learn the skills of focused attention and embodied self-compassion. When we have the ability to truly meet all aspects of the Self, we learn how to relate to ourselves in a kind and trusting manner. The practice of iRest can help you connect to your own inner wisdom and allow your authentic, unique and joyful Self to emerge. Come experience for yourself the amazing gifts of this practice!

  • Emily Badillo

    Island: Oahu

    Emily is a yoga teacher on the island of Oahu who loves relaxing her student’s body-minds and connecting them with their breath. Emily leads alignment-based practices for energetic, physical, mental, and spiritual healing. She loves soaking up the sun, sipping tea, trying and creating new plant-based recipes, helping others to see the divinity within each of us, and taking and teaching yoga classes with her partner and fellow yoga instructor Francisco Salcedo.

  • Emily Yamamoto

    Island: Oahu

    Yoga is not something you ‘do’, it is a state of being – a state of union. A yoga practice helps and allows you to access your True Self; the Self that tends to be buried by attachment, desire, and ego. My practice began on the mat, and continues to translate into my life 24/7. It helps me find a place where I am able to access my own, personal truth of self. YOGA|LIFE Emily grew up in the picturesque settings of both the Hawaiian island of O’ahu and the Italian island of Sicily, Italy. It was in Sicily, during the winter of ’08-’09 when Emily discovered a gentle vinyasa class and was officially introduced to the physical practice of yoga. The following summer, Emily moved back to O’ahu to complete her dual Baccalaureate of Arts in History and Political Science at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. During her undergraduate years and following her graduation in 2012, she continued her yoga practice, which she slowly cultivated to consistency. Today, yoga envelops every facet of Emily’s life. Yoga’s teachings, philosophy and practice have helped her overcome many of life’s challenges and have molded her into a better person. Emily graduated from Power Yoga Hawaii’s 200 hour Teacher Training in the Summer of 2o14 under Dorian Wright and Coco Zhang. Emily has a personal Ashtanga Vinyasa practice in the traditional form which greatly influences her power vinyasa teaching style. IG: @emimotoyoga Facebook: Emily Yamamoto Yoga for private inquiries and event bookings

  • Eric Broder Van Dyke

    Island: Oahu

    Born and raised on Oahu, Eric is a Rocket teacher who has been a devoted student to Larry Schultz Rocket system since 2001 and an assistant at him with classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings since 2006. Grateful for his teacher’s blessings, he serves the Rocket via yoga classes & workshops in Oahu. Eric believes in Rocket as a style of yoga because full body system that brings clarity and a feeling of center into one’s life.

  • Eric Rosso

    Island: Oahu

    I am a 200 hour certified yoga instructor at Core Power Yoga. I have been teaching a fusion yoga class called Sculpt (yoga with weights) since 2013 and teach power vinyasa classes. I consider myself an athlete and have been involved in sports since a child playing football, baseball, basketball and even ballet. I excelled in football where I was recruited and played at Brown University. Today I keep myself active with lots of yoga, cycling, swimming, running, weight lifting and more yoga. Since I was young, one of my goals in life was to teach, but my passion to own and operate a marketing/advertising agency and raise two beautiful children took precedence. Today, fusing my passion to teach in the field of athletics is the ultimate job. To be able to aid in the physical and mental health of my community is the ultimate honor and privilege.

  • Erin Douglas

    Island: Oahu

    We gather together to unwind, to laugh, to practice yoga and to hopefully remember what is really important; that a single breath in this very moment is all that we really have. Erin started her lifelong yoga journey in 2005, while she was living in Southeast Asia. Upon taking a few classes, she realized that – while practicing yoga – she was able to quiet her mind. It quickly became her passion. Over the years, this passion for yoga transformed into a lifestyle as Erin incorporated yoga as an integral part of her health and wellness practice: My Intrinsic Wellness. As an active member of the alternative health community, Erin traveled across the globe to the remote town of Rishikesh, India to earn her 200-Hour Yoga Certification and became part of the well-respected Yoga Alliance. Erin’s Hatha classes focus on slow, deliberate movements that celebrate the union of body, soul and mind. 100% of all proceeds from her yoga classes are donated back to either the Hawaiian Humane Society or Stand for Trees.

  • Gail Bursell

    Island: Oahu

    Gail, E-RYT 500, is certified in Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. She has been teaching since 2005 and has taught extensively in studios in Massachusetts and Hawaii, as well as in California, and Melbourne, Australia.

  • Geoff Sato

    Island: Oahu

    Geoff’s classes are a unique blend of hypnotic cues, mindfulness and breath meditation techniques, kick ass music, and cosmic consciousness. He is the owner of Dream Float Hawaii, helping to pioneer floatation therapy throughout the state. He is also a “Float Master”, having spent over 300+ hours floating in a sensory deprivation float tank. He is inspired to share his deep personal insights into self exploration, healing, and transformation.

  • Gina Hart ERYT 500

    Island: Oahu

    After practicing different types of yoga for many years, Gina found the Viniyoga lineage in 2006. The holistic approach of Viniyoga, applying the tools of the ancients & emphasizing function over form brought her practice to the deeper level that she had long desired. After completing 200 hours of workshops & intensives with Yoga Therapist Mirka Scalco Kraftsow on Maui , she then went on to complete the two-year, 500 hour teacher training taught by Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute. She has also done extensive training with Yoga Therapist Robin Rothenberg, receiving certification to teach The Essential Low Back Program, and has facilitated relief from low back pain for many sufferers. Her other teachers include Leslie Kaminoff, as well as Nikki Meyers whom she just recently received certification as an Y12SR facilitator. Her classes emphasize the principles of breath & movement through asana and incorporate the use of sound, pranayama & meditation. She also enjoys working with students individually, developing personal practices customized to their unique bodies & lifestyle. Her desire is to assist in blossoming your self-awareness so that you may establish a sense of balance & peace within.

  • Glen Butcher

    Island: Oahu

    Glen Butcher, owner of Purple Yoga Hawaii, has been practicing yoga for 28 years and teaching for 18 years. Originally from New Zealand, Glen’s foundation in yoga was in the Iyengar style. After moving to London he did a two-year apprenticeship at a yoga school that specialized in individual instruction in small groups. He went on to study Ashtanga Yoga with certified teacher John Scott and assist him in Mysore practice. While in London, Glen also began what would become a 10-year learning experience with Shandor Remete, the founder of Shadow Yoga, studying with him in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. Glen taught Shadow Yoga in Honolulu for seven years before resuming his practice and teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. His personal studies include an interest in the classic hatha yoga texts. Glen’s teaching draws on his broad experience of hatha yoga, including its rehabilitative powers following successive major knee surgeries he had as a result of a rugby injury. He guides each student through their own process of inquiry into the essence and practice of yoga, promoting a balance of ease and effort, and a celebration of what is possible, along the way. Visit

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