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  • Douglas established Acroyoga Oahu over three years ago by establishing the first acroyoga community on Oahu . Bringing together people from all walks of life building trust and communication in a safe and playful enviroment. ACROYOGA takes your yoga practice to new levels of awarness. By opening up your yoga practice to include partners and friends. Acroyoga is a combination of Acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage. That aims at creating community a place where our inner child can play and grow.
    Douglas is an acredited Acroyoga teacher Certified with Acroyoga Montreal, Yoga Teacher Certified at Open Space yoga, and has been teaching Acroyoga here on Oahu for the last four years. A’s well as hosting Acroyoga Jams around the island.

  • Island: Oahu
    Teaching times: Sunday, 3pm Acroyoga, Queens beach park
    Teaching Times: Wed ,5pm , Kailua beach Park
    Instagram: Bambuwinds