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  • AcroAloha is the Acro Yoga clan that inhabits Oahu, Scoop Slyman and Paul Witte are the AcroAloha clan instigators, they inspire clan members with exciting ways to safely move their bodies. AcroAloha emphasises building strong foundational skills, once these skills are ingraned in the practice, the fancy tricks will happen easily that will lead to more advanced tricks. They love the connection that Acro Yoga creates and the community it builds when you bring groups of people together to flow through connected movement. We love welcoming new clan members and look forward to including you in all of our clan rituals.

    AcroAloha Clan Members

    -Are fearless because they know they can always trust their other clan members

    -Are compassionate and supportive of their fellow clan members in every way they can

    -Love everyone and know that a stranger is just a clan member they haven’t practiced with yet

  • Island: Oahu
    Teaching times: Friday 6:30pm at Power Yoga Hawaii Piikoi 510 Piikoi St