Yoga Instructor
  • AcroAloha

    Island: Oahu

    AcroAloha is the Acro Yoga clan that inhabits Oahu, Scoop Slyman and Paul Witte are the AcroAloha clan instigators, they inspire clan members with exciting ways to safely move their bodies. AcroAloha emphasises building strong foundational skills, once these skills are ingraned in the practice, the fancy tricks will happen easily that will lead to more advanced tricks. They love the connection that Acro Yoga creates and the community it builds when you bring groups of people together to flow through connected movement. We love welcoming new clan members and look forward to including you in all of our clan rituals. AcroAloha Clan Members -Are fearless because they know they can always trust their other clan members -Are compassionate and supportive of their fellow clan members in every way they can -Love everyone and know that a stranger is just a clan member they haven’t practiced with yet

  • Acroyoga Oahu Douglas

    Island: Oahu

    Douglas established Acroyoga Oahu over three years ago by establishing the first acroyoga community on Oahu . Bringing together people from all walks of life building trust and communication in a safe and playful enviroment. ACROYOGA takes your yoga practice to new levels of awarness. By opening up your yoga practice to include partners and friends. Acroyoga is a combination of Acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage. That aims at creating community a place where our inner child can play and grow. Douglas is an acredited Acroyoga teacher Certified with Acroyoga Montreal, Yoga Teacher Certified at Open Space yoga, and has been teaching Acroyoga here on Oahu for the last four years. A’s well as hosting Acroyoga Jams around the island.

  • Alana Michele

    Island: Oahu

    Kahala based yoga instructor- land, sea and sky! Alana recieved her 200- hour certification in Boulder, Colorado in 2006 , and is a perpetual student and practitioner. A wanderlust at heart. Originally from NJ, landing in Colorado, California, Australia, Costa Rica, Mexico,Peru, Japan, and Bali- Alana is forever grateful for the sense of home she finds wherever she goes through the gift of yoga! She invites students to playfully explore body, mind, and breath. Her goal is to create a safe space to dive inward with compassion. Expect moments of challenge, giggles, and sweet surrender. Private, semi-private group, event, and retreat instruction available! Looking to slow down more? Ask about meditation and Yin Yoga!

  • Amanda Furgiuele

    Island: Maui

    Amanda is the owner of Body in Balance and The Pole Room, two incredible fitness studios on the westside of Maui. She is certified in the following: Pole Dance & Erotic Fitness, Aerial Silk and Aerial Yoga, AFAA Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Peak Pilates Certified Instructor, STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor, Zumba: Basic 1, Aqua, Toning, Gold, Gold Toning, Glutes, Kids & Kids Jr., TurboKick Kickboxing, YogaFit 1 & 2, Indo Board, Silver & Fit, R.I.P.P.E.D., SUPilates & SUP Yoga Instructor, Barre Instructor Amanda began teaching fitness in 2001. From co-leading rock climbing, kayaking, and caving expeditions, to teaching collegiate level competitive fencing, and participating in just about anything and everything–martial arts, dance, yoga, pilates, ice climbing, skydiving, canyoning, and a million other health adventures–Amanda LOVES showing her students that FITNESS CAN BE FUN! She believes that boredom is the enemy of
 any progression in fitness (and in life) so she dedicates her classes 
to the fine art of having fun—“a workout doesn’t have to be work”—and 
incorporates a mix-and-match philosophy to each workout session. Because inspiration manifests in infinite ways, Amanda strives to try
 and teach as many types of classes as possible. She is motivated by 
the stories and accomplishments of her friends and students, by the rush of achieving more than she thinks she can, and by the challenge
 of new adventures. When she’s not dancing and moving around like a
 mad woman, you can find Amanda out in nature, or conversely, glued to 
her computer doing digital graphic and television production work…or
 planning the next big “thing!” “The more you come to class, the more confidence you will gain, the more strength you will build, and the more fun you will have! A workout doesn’t have to be work!” Learn more at and

  • Amanda Painter

    Island: Oahu

    Yoga Instructor RYT 200 teaching Vinyasa and Yin at Open Space Yoga! I also offer private sessions in Yoga and Meditation and Ayurvedic consultations, as well as massage, reflexology and Cranio Sacral Therapy! I am trained in Yoga Somatics and love to incorporate the investigation of the “story of the body” in my yoga practice.

  • Amanda Webster, eRYT-500 & Certified Ayurveda Counselor

    Island: Big Island

    Amanda inspires connection, sustainability and self-inquiry through a wide variety of high-quality yoga classes, trainings and retreats. Her mission as a teacher is to help others recognize that mindfulness can take many forms and may be cultivated in a myriad of ways, such as yoga, martial arts, meditation, self-care, or by being present. She teaches heart-centered classes that range from upbeat to serious, humble to powerful, and everything in-between specializing in systematic sequences that encourage you to OWN your practice as it needs to exist in each breath without comparing yourself to the person next to you, trying to live up to your previous practice, or shutting down when something challenges you…valuable qualities for your life, too!

  • Amarsharan Kaur ( Ruby Wong)

    Island: Maui

    This gifted international yoga teacher brings a unique wealth of experience in teaching and consulting to all matters health and fitness related. Ruby Amarsharan is a certified IKYTA Kundalini Yoga ( IKYTA) and Yin Yoga (YinYoga) Instructor and facilitates Transformational Engineering as a Cancer Patient Navigator. A four time cancer survivor, Ruby uses her own life experience and integral yoga practices to help others during a time when breathing is of utmost importantance. Ruby designs simple daily Yoga, breathing, and exercise classes for cancer patients, cancer survivors, and caregivers. Practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching thousands of students, Ruby’s Yoga combines physical poses with breath control exercises, sound energy, meditations, visualizations, and guided relaxation. The emphasis is on breathing exercises and less challenging physical postures to build strength. Ruby’s teaching style “Breath Renewal” increases oxygen capacity, boosts blood flow, balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and increases self-awareness, vitality, concentration, self-confidence, and peace of mind. It is recommended for people of all ages. With her gift of both Yin Yoga & Kundalini Yoga, Amarsharan’s teachings combine her love for the healing arts with awareness that health and beauty grow from the inside out. A deep commitment to her vision and life’s work has given her boundless energy, client praise and thus remarkable life experiences. Ruby Amarsharan is committed to continuing education, developing, and taking responsibility for her own personal and professional growth, and encouraging her students to do the same. Ruby extends her restorative teachings for the body and soul by offering her students therapeutic painting sessions when at home on Maui.

  • Amber Ricci

    Island: Oahu

    INNER FIRE Kundalini Yoga and Sound Meditation with Amber Ricci Both classes offer your first class for free ! SAT NAM I have been teaching Yoga for over 12 years and can empower you to balance your chakras, feel stronger with better balance both in your body and mind, and help to deepen your connection to the SELF. I offer group classes that are a Holistic Mix of Kundalini and Hatha Yoga with a guided Tibetan Bowl Meditation and the first class is always free ! Life changing, mind shifting, and conscious lifting !! OPEN TO ALL LEVELS for Everybody ! I am a Certified White Lotus Yoga Instructor and also trained under Ana Brett and Ravi Singh ( Kundalini ) and Dr. Freddy Weaver ( Yoga and Tantra philosophy ) I also teach Partner Yoga, Couples TANTRA Yoga and Pool Yoga as well as lead Yoga Retreats around the world, so far 9 in total ~ We are sold out for our GREECE Retreat in September 2016 but have our Inner Fire Yoga and Adventure Retreat to PERU in early June 2017 and New Zealand in October 2017. I love to continue my Yoga education and study regularly ! Please contact me anytime at 808-255-9839 for more information or go to

  • Amber Tesoro, 200 RYT

    Island: Maui

    Originally from the 9th island, Las Vegas, NV, Amber Tesoro began her journey into yoga more than 5 years ago. It was after taking her first hot pilates/ yoga-infused class, she realized then how much she loved the connection between breathe, body, and movement. As a fitness enthusiast, she felt yoga and pilates helped bring balance and stability to not only her fitness routines but other aspects of her life as well. It was her passion for fitness, pilates, and yoga that led her to accomplishing her 200 hr RYT Power Flow Yoga Certification in Las Vegas led by Zeek Vincent. Amber is certified in in ZFlow Power Yoga, Hands-On Assist, and SUP Yoga, all which are recognized by the Yoga Alliance. By obtaining her certification in Hands-On Assists, Amber can offer her students the ability to go deeper into a pose safely and with proper alignment. Amber loves sharing her knowledge of fitness, health, and wellness with others, offering inspiration, guidance, and support to help anyone achieve their health or fitness goals. You can expect to feel empowered, relaxed, inspired, and even a little playful in any of Amber’s classes as she brings a mix of alignment, flow, and strength building in each of her classes. Each class caters to beginners all the way to the seasoned practitioner.

  • Amy Harris

    Island: Oahu

    Women’s Yoga classes with Amy Harris Women’s Yoga is soft and intuitive. It guides us through gentle yet powerful movements that help us soften and center. Classes are combined with healing touch, meditation and poetry to nourish both body and spirit. We focus on feminine, circular movements as we breathe and ease into our core. We anchor our yoga in our wombs and start our movements with a sense of groundedness and center. This is a practice that draws inspiration from yoga, dance and ancient female knowledge to create something truly nourishing. Every class is a little different. Sometimes we share a detoxifying drink, sometimes we receive a bit of massage or healing touch, and sometimes we let poetry and mantras guide our meditation deeper.

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