I’ve always had doubt when it came to yoga because I’m not a flexible person who can do splits or the King Dancer pose perfectly. Neither do I have a strong core to hold a side crow pose. From a couple of suggestions, I took the leap of faith and joined CorePower Yoga in September 2016. I immediately fell in love because it created a new path for me.

I used to feel hopeless since I’ve been diagnosed with mild depression. I believed that there was nothing I could do to feel better. I tried to tell myself, “Everything will be okay. You WILL climb over that wall”, and even made an effort to look at the bright side.

What yoga does for me is that it helps me feel confident and motivated in my everyday life. Whenever I’m on my mat, every doubt and dark clouds fade away. I can see myself happy with my head held high. Yoga taught me that it’s okay if I don’t get a pose right the first time because no one can. If I can’t get it right, I won’t give up. That’s why I’m grateful to have found something that can guide me on the right path, and stay fit at the same time. I don’t have to rely on prescription medicine to feel better anymore.

For anyone who’s going through the same thing, it’s okay. You’re not alone. At first I kept it to myself until I talked to the people I trusted, but I decided to share how yoga is helping me climb over that wall. I am looking at the bright side.

-Lori, Honolulu


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