CorePower goes out of their way to offer a demystified style of yoga delivered by passionate, accredited instructors who are thrilled to share their passion for yoga with their students.

I like to think of my time on the mat at CorePower yoga as the ultimate high-leverage activity for my body, mind and spirit. In an hour I can get in a great workout, sweat out some stress and toxins, and reset my mind to a more peaceful and mindful state. It almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

At CorePower, there’s a sense of community among welcoming and accepting people who practice yoga and face similar  challenges in life — like how to slow down in this wild world; how to find time for self-care when life is so busy; how to live a more mindful, compassionate life. In my years of practicing at CorePower, I met so many people who shared those values with me, and I can honestly say my best friends are people I’ve met at the studio.

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CorePower also offers a wide variety of classes. When I want a predictable flow without any added heat, I attend a C1. This class is always a set sequence, perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to become familiar with basic yoga poses. The class always includes a warm-up flow, three minutes of core exercises, standing balancing, an arm balance or inversion, followed by deep stretches and concluded with a relaxing savanasana (final resting pose) at the end.  When I need something a bit more intense and creative, I opt for a C2. The C2 is designed around the basic structure of a C1, but in a warmer setting and with more intermediate poses that usually differ from class to class. For a class centered around standing postures, longer holds and no weight on the hands, HPF (Hot Power Fusion) is the ultimate class. Like the C1, HPF is a set sequence but as the name implies, it is hot. The room is set to approximately 100 degrees and really heats things up so you can get deeper into your meditative state.  Besides that, the heat makes your muscles feel great!

Core Power Yoga Article_Artboard 2 copyFor days when I want intensity and fitness, it’s time for Yoga Sculpt. This class is like no other —  the body gets worked! By transferring light dumbbell weights to the yoga routine, the goal is to tone muscle boost metabolism, increase strength and endurance — all in a mindful setting.

All CPY classes use music but sculpt is more musically driven than the rest. You move to the beat, breathe hard and can’t help but feel great!

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For more details, go to the studio page of

After class I appreciate the access to a fully stocked, spa-like locker room. The instructors always greet me on my way out,  ask how I enjoyed my practice. They are always available for questions and feedback.  After a refreshing class like that. I feel ready for just about anything!

CorePower Yoga is located at 3 convenient locations on Oahu:

Kahala · Ward · Kailua

Monika-KaufmanMonika Kaufman

Creating space for self-study fueled by curiosity and enthusiasm for life, both on and off the mat, is Monika’s specialty. Monika Kaufman has been leading yoga classes, lifestyle programs and teacher training for over 15 years. Monika is Area Operations Lead for CorePower Yoga throughout its Hawaii, San Francisco and Sacramento studios.


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