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  • Burma Love: Yoga Seva Project 2019

    APRIL 10 – 18, 2019 IN YANGON, MYANMAR (BURMA)
    “The Om & Roam team are inspiring, wild, free and wise women, who graciously open their hearts and arms to anyone who wishes to join them in sharing yoga, awareness and love. Be brave and proud in your decision to join this team and be ready for an amazing experience that can shift the trajectory of your life forever!” -Louise Webster (2018)
    This year marks our 4th annual Burma Love: Yoga Seva Project; a heart based compassion project held in Myanmar (Burma), designed to empower and support women through yoga, body awareness, and sisterhood. We are forever humbled by this beautiful opportunity to teach yoga at a Theravada Buddhist Nunnery in the Yangon region. This project is filled with heart and complete devotion to the selfless power of yoga. We feel extremely fortunate to be invited back into this community this spring, to both share yoga with hundreds of nuns and orphans, and participate in their annual meditation retreat. Our passion and purpose is to foster self-empowerment and embodiment in our sisters in Myanmar (Burma) as well as ourselves. The experience that we share is transformative for all involved – it is an amazing synergy to witness.
    All Burma Love: Yoga Seva Project images/photos are property of Om & Roam, LLC (2019) and we ask there is no sharing or use of images without explicit consent. This measure is in place to protect the privacy of this nunnery community. If you are viewing this website, you accept this condition. We thank you for respecting this condition, and respecting this sacred community.
    All Burma Love: Yoga Seva Project images/photos are property of Om & Roam, LLC (2019) and we ask there is no sharing or use of images without explicit consent. This measure is in place to protect the privacy of this nunnery community. If you are viewing this website, you accept this condition. We thank you for respecting this condition, and respecting this sacred community.

    A Sacred Opportunity
    We are invited to this nunnery to be a part of their annual meditation retreat held in alignment with Thingyan – the annual New Year water festival celebration. Thingyan is a time for cleansing ceremonies, deep meditation, community, and transition into the new year. The leaders of this Buddhist nunnery made the progressive decision to incorporate a yoga asana practice into the annual Thingyan retreat. This relationship was born of the intention to provide the nuns and orphans with an outlet for physical activity, body awareness, and self-empowerment. Our days will consist of teaching/practice yoga with hundreds of nuns and orphans, multiple meditations, and various new year’s ceremonies (at the opening and close of the week). This is a sacred opportunity to both be in service and deepen your own meditation practice. This program is very unique, and a respectful level of discipline is required. Out of service to the nunnery, we as a group are committed to being mindful, respectful, flexible and humble as we join this community.

    Join Us
    This year we have been granted the opportunity to expand our 2019 group and are invited to open the Burma Love: Yoga Seva Project to 20 female participants! As we grow our group, we are both able to develop and strengthen our yoga teaching program, as well as open up a new experience this year for women to come participate in a meditation retreat.

    Below are the three ways to participate in 2019:
    (scroll down to apply)
    This track is for trained, female yoga teachers who wish to take part in curating and teaching the yoga offerings.

    During the week, we will teach 12-15 yoga classes. Class lengths range from 60-90 minutes each, with anywhere from 40-100 students at a time. Classes are broken up by age, usually two daily adult classes (~13-60 years old) and one children’s class (~4-12 years old). We commit to offering as many yoga classes as are requested throughout the retreat schedule. Each year we adjust the yoga practices based on the expressed needs and responses of this community. Styles include Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and some gentle partner yoga exercises. Teachers will receive a sequence(s) to familiarize themselves with. This sequence(s) will be used as a launching point for the yoga program and adjusted accordingly.

    This program is organized with a group teaching model. Depending on each teacher’s specific strengths and skills, we will assign a rotation of roles for each class (roles include: lead teacher (s), demo, assist, observer). Please note that each role in this group teaching approach is equally important as we offer yoga to this community. Depending on volume of teachers and schedule, not every teacher will have the opportunity to fulfill each role. We ask for a commitment to flexibility as the week unfolds.
    This track is for female yoga practitioners who wish to participate (no teaching experience required).

    You will participate in the daily schedule, including each yoga class and meditation. You will be placed strategically in the room to be a demo while you practice alongside the nunnery community. While we teach across a language barrier (using translators) the role of Demo in class is an effective and important role.

    Participants in this track will be asked to commit to the full daily schedule.

    “Doing yoga with the girls was magical. I realized all the ways yoga has helped me stand on my own and find my inner strength and confidence as a women. And then to share this practice with the most beautiful and spiritual girls who don’t have a physical practice was just incredible.”
    -Eve Teeter-Balin (2018)

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    This track is for female meditation practitioners who wish to take part in this retreat as a participant. We are very excited to be offering this track as a new opportunity this year! A motivation for this nunnery has been to share meditation with people from around the world, and we are so grateful to be able to help facilitate this opportunity this year. Your daily schedule will mimic that of the adult nun group. You will participate in about 4 meditations and 2 yoga classes per day.

    This is a Vipassana style retreat. While this is not a silent retreat, there will be opportunities for individuals to take vows of silence. Meditation sessions will vary between sitting practice and walking meditation. There will be Buddhist Dharma taught by Sayarlay (meaning “nun of high order” in Burmese). These sessions are optional, time permitting. While the Dharma is taught in Burmese without translation, some material may be translated or reviewed throughout the week. There will also be sessions held with Marni Reynolds, program founder and meditation teacher, topics will include the Four Pillars of Mindfulness, Mindfulness of Emotions, Thoughts, and the Senses, how to curate a Mindfulness practice outside of a retreat, and Metta (loving kindness).

    *This retreat is ideally suited for experienced meditation practitioners who wish to deepen their practice. Through this retreat you will learn skillful methods to develop Metta, loving kindness, and awareness. We ask that those applying have ideally 1 year of meditation practice. If you are new to meditation and are drawn to this retreat, contact carly@omandroam.com

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