Crystals 101

Crystals are, and have been, a huge part of my everyday life since I was a child. My natural understanding of their powers have proven to be correct in more ways than I could have imagined, and instrumental in building my career as a crystal expert. I currently run a number of business ventures, namely SuperNova Energetics and Ascension Crystals. I am excited to share some knowledge, inspiration and encouragement on how to use crystals to enhance your life in numerous ways, and offer insight as to why they work in the first place.

You might be wondering “How can a ‘rock’ help me?” or “Do I need to know about crystals for them to help me?” or “I’m not a ‘healer,’ so will they work for me?” The truth is, anyone can use them and everyone will benefit from them!

My goal is to dissolve any superstition, fears or doubts surrounding crystal healing, while offering inspiration on how to incorporate them into your personal life journey, or perhaps at home or in your workplace. Not every piece of information here may resonate with you, so I encourage you to take what feels right and disregard the rest!

What can crystals do for me?

There are infinite ways of working with crystals. Here is a general list of ideas to help draw awareness and inspiration on how crystals can serve you:

  • Processing and transforming emotions or emotional trauma (i.e. PTSD)
  • Lowering stress levels and lifting depression
  • Healing physical wounds, pain or disease
  • Enhancing healthy sleep patterns
  • Upgrading and deepening meditation practice
  • Assisting with third-eye activation, vision, imagination, creativity, manifestation
  • Shielding from negative energies, “energy vampires,” EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies)
  • Activating, healing, and balancing chakras
  • Grounding and earthing
  • Building confidence, courage and self-expression
  • Deeper connection to Higher Self and/or spiritual realms
  • Karma and past-life healing
  • Overcoming addiction

Crystals 101

I consider myself a visionary and love to see beyond what has been proven possible. However, my left brain still loves to see proof or scientific evidence, even with somewhat esoteric ideas (such as crystal healing). After personal, extensive research on how energy works, I can summarize the power of crystals like this: crystals are energy; you are energy; energies can connect, merge, and co-create new energies.

Everything in the Universe and beyond is made of energy. Everything vibrates at different frequencies… planets, stars, plants, animals, rocks, crystals, you, me, our internal organs, chakras and our energetic expressions like thoughts, words and feelings. Even the chair you sit on is a mass of energy. Each has a specific electromagnetic frequency that is being emitted to the world. This frequency changes based on its interactions with the environment, and also changes throughout time.

The heart and brain also emit EMFs that vibrate an electric charge through every cell of the body. Energy that flows from chakra points also play a part in one’s overall vibration. Emotions, other people’s energies, the energies of our surrounding spaces and, yes, crystal energies can affect these EMFs pulsing through and from our bodies.

However, some elements hold higher vibrations than others. The higher the vibration, the stronger they become. Consequently the stronger they become, the quicker they travel and affect the surrounding environment and all the energies involved within it. The highest vibration in a given space can shift the whole energy of that environment and everyone in it.

Crystals hold extremely high frequencies. Each one emits varying levels, but each one can (and will) merge with your own energies to help raise your vibration in unique ways. Crystals have the potential of helping you to shift, heal, and transform mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

How do I use crystals?

Let’s start with the basics. Visit a crystal shop and select one that calls to you the most. Some people can “feel” the energy of the crystal and intuitively know which ones are best for them. Others may need guidance and suggestions. If you’re working on healing or opening a chakra point (i.e. heart or throat), for instance, a straight-forward method is to choose crystals with the colors associated to those chakra points. Crystal energies are broad, and therefore work beyond their associated color or chakra, but they will assist with that specific area of the body no matter what.

Introduce crystals into your life by placing them — with an intention — in your bedroom, home or workplace. Here are some examples:

  • clear your space of negativity (black tourmaline or Himalayan salt crystals)
  • bring in more creativity and inspiration (citrine, labradorite,    lapis lazuli)
  • promote emotional healing (rose quartz, jasper or amethyst)

create harmony amongst family and co-workers (sodalite, blue lace agate or Herkimer diamond).

Place crystals around your yoga mat to elevate and upgrade your yoga practice! To bring you into a deeper savasana or meditation, you can place them in your hands or on your body.

Crystals can be carried with you all day long (in pockets, purses, bras, jewelry); they can go to bed with you; and they can hang out in your car (great vibe helpers when stuck in traffic!).

On a deeper level of working with crystals, create a crystal manifestation grid and make elixirs (make sure they’re non-toxic). You can even enhance your gardens and plant kingdom by placing them in the soil.

Do I need to cleanse my crystals?

There is a lot of projection out there that crystals can hold onto “bad energy” and therefore must be cleansed. To me, this is a fear-based mentality and a mistrust in nature. As we have said before, crystals have extremely high vibrations and they have been around for eons. They know what they are doing and definitely do not need a human to “cleanse” them. However, I do regularly “bless” my crystals with sage smoke baths, new and full moon baths, and depending on the type of crystal, cool running water. These rituals are intended to nurture, super-charge and love my crystals in hopes that they will prolong their time with me; never out of fear that they “need it” or that they are holding onto negative energies.

It’s clear that crystals can energetically bring an abundance of healing, nurturing, and protection to you and your environment. So why not add these divine tools to your life’s journey?

Crystals 101

Sarah DaigleSarah Daigle aka SuperNova Sarah

Sarah is a Gong Master/Sound Alchemist, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist & Spiritual Catalyst. She provides Sound Journeys and Gong Yoga around Oahu and teaches about energy/sound/crystal therapies.


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