Nestled in the heart of Kapaa Town, the charming Bikram Yoga College of India Kauai invites yoga students of all ages, sizes and backgrounds to its “little yellow house.”

Located on Kuhio Highway just north of Safeway in Kapaa, the studio is between the Bikini Room and the Shell Factory behind Lemongrass Restaurant.

Bikram Yoga Kauai offers the original “hot yoga,” a beginners series with 26 asanas (postures) and two breathing exercises. Every class follows the same sequence of poses over the course of 90 minutes. This series is designed to bring circulation and health to every part of the body, step by step.

Even though the postures are the same, your class experience will be different every time depending on your teacher, your mood, and your body that day. Although the yoga stays the same, YOU change every time. You will walk out feeling brand new! For 90 minutes you sweat, strengthen, and stretch in order to walk out of class ready to face whatever life has to offer — with a strong, healthy mind and body — ultimately feeling connected.

The first half of the class consists of standing postures. These postures build strength, improve balance, and isometrically train muscles by holding each posture for 10 to 60 seconds. Every posture is done twice. The first set is a “warm up,” and the second set gives you a chance to improve your pose. These postures train the mind, change your body, and help develop your character.

The standing, or “warm up” series, is not only a great cardio exercise, but prepares you for the latter half of class, or the “floor series.” These floor postures are designed to strengthen and maintain flexibility of the spine. The floor series is great for alleviating back pain.

We encourage students to have a positive mental attitude. We remind students to smile, and to develop a positive, “I can do it!” attitude. By doing so, we face each class with positivity; the same as we would in life! Bikram yoga helps us cultivate discipline, self-control, determination, will power, and patience.

Standing postures are challenging. You may fall. Then you get right back up and try again. Never quit, never give up, and day by day you will quickly improve within your practice. You become mentally strong. The more often you practice, the more intensely you practice, the faster you will improve. If, for any reason, you feel you need to sit out a posture, then of course, take it easy. For new students, we ask to just start by committing to “staying in the room” for the entire 90 minutes, even if you need to sit down a few times. Do what you can do. In yoga, you don’t just “do;” you practice. There is no “perfect practice.” Just try your best and try the right way. When you do your best with the body you have that day, results will come. Some results are immediate, and others come over time. A yoga practice is developed over years, so remember it requires a long-term mindset.

One element of Bikram yoga’s philosophy is, “What takes a long time to develop also takes a long time to lose.” So work hard every time you attend class, as you are putting “yoga practice” into your “yoga bank,” so to speak. Results of a steady practice stay with you for a very long time — think years! Eventually you will have developed your best level of practice, and then your job is to maintain the body. Bikram yoga becomes a maintenance routine, helping keep the body healthy throughout your lifetime.

“Bikram Yoga Kauai feels like home for many on Kauai. Cleanliness and compassion are what we strive for to make our environment welcoming to all who enter.”

Our studio is heated to between 100 and 108 degrees, allowing the body to “open up” and stretch safely and readily. Imagine making a ring from a piece of metal; it is easier to heat the metal and bend it to make the ring. The same can be said about the body. Your bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments soften to move better — and bend more — when warmed first.

This is hot yoga, so be prepared to sweat. A lot. Bring your yoga mat and two towels; one to put on your mat, and another to use for showering after class. Every class includes access to our beautiful, new changing rooms and hot showers. For your convenience, use our facilities to shower, change, and get ready for work or your evening ahead.

Our 6:30 a.m. classes allow students to practice and finish by 8:00 a.m., giving them plenty of time to shower and get to work. If your are a parent, busy with dropping kids off to school in the mornings, consider our 9 a.m. class available every day of the week. For anyone who can’t make morning classes or prefers to practice later in the day, we offer 5:30 p.m. classes Monday through Friday, and weekend afternoons at 4:00 p.m.

Bikram yoga is designed for beginners new to yoga, yet can challenge avid yoga practitioners and athletes alike. It is for everyone. Whether you are in great shape or not, flexible or not, whether you are coming to lose a few pounds, or to de-stress, it doesn’t matter. Come to class and you will receive amazing physical, as well as mental and emotional benefits from Bikram yoga. Yoga is truly a key to good health.

Our lobby features retail items with the latest in yoga wear and merchandise including Fleurings unique vase jewelry (

Bikram Yoga Kauai features several local teachers who you will see practicing along with students on a daily basis. We frequently invite traveling guest teachers to the studio as well. Our staff maintains their own yoga practice, so we always stay reminded that whatever our students go through, we go through together. Locals and tourists of all ages and backgrounds make up our mixed crowd of students: hard working moms and dads, surfers, runners, hikers, cross fitters, farmers, arborists, boat captains, celebrities, attorneys, nurses, doctors — you name it; they come through these doors.

Bikram Yoga Kauai feels like home for many on the Garden Isle. Cleanliness and compassion are what we strive for to make our environment welcoming to all who enter.Our lobby features retail items with the latest in yoga wear and merchandise including Fleurings unique vase jewelry ( founded by Samantha Lockwood, our studio director.

With the spirit of aloha, Bikram Yoga Kauai is perpetuating “community,” bringing people together in peace, and striving to be the best we can as a team and as a family — a true ohana. Our motto is, “Live life better, and share the aloha through yoga.”

Samantha Lockwood
Samantha Lockwood has been a Bikram Yoga teacher since 1999 and is studio owner of Bikram Yoga Kauai. She’s known for becoming one of the youngest certified Bikram Yoga Instructors at age 17 and teaches in studios all over the world. Fleurings is one reason that brought her to Hawaii over 6 years ago. You’ll also find Samantha acting on TV.


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