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“That was better than my therapist!” exclaimed a blissed-out student leaving a yoga class the other day. Oh beautiful dopamine, the “happy juice” in your brain, you’ve done it again. You got released in yoga class. I’ve witnessed it in others, seen it and felt it within myself so many times that I know it’s not a coincidence. The transformation that can occur in a singular yoga class to make you pono—the Hawaiian word for “right”—is real. The state of feeling “right” has a different definition for each practitioner, but there is a pleasant journey to get there. For me, it was that very mental state of feeling pono—a feeling discovered after a yoga class—that became the germinating seed for my yoga journey.

And I can assure you—I’m nowhere near the end of this adventure. This fourth issue of is a product of that tiny metaphoric seed. I am so proud of this issue, both in print and online, as has reached levels I could not have imagined when the idea for a Hawaii yoga magazine hit me in 2015. If just one article motivates you to continue—or come back to—your yoga, then this magazine has done its job

Mahalo and Namaste,
Eric Rosso
Publisher of

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