“Episode #3 - Behind the Cues”

Yoga Hawaii Magazine presents “Behind the Cues”. Hawaii’s yoga instructors “talking story” about yoga.  Episode #3 features Cecilia Ryan, Jaclyn Hughes, Jenny Lee, Kaity Sarina, Koa Asam, Patricia Carrera, Sara Phelan, Yoko Fujiwara and Zeny.

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Yoga Hawaii Magazine Is a resource for the vibrant and growing yoga community of Hawaii. In print, in the digital edition, online and in our email newsletters, we will publish inspirational stories about yoga and how it connects to Hawaii.From yoga events around Hawaii, to people who practice, to a complete online dictionary of studios and teachers, YogaHawaiiMagazine.com will become a central resource for anyone who loves yoga here on the islands.Subscribe now for your free first issue and newsletters! Look for a studio to visit or even the teaching times of a specific Instructor.

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Yoga Hawaii Magazine is Hawaii's premiere publication for all things yoga in Hawaii. Yoga Hawaii magazine is a resource for yoga events in Hawaii, Hawaii's yoga studios and classes, and information about your favorite Hawaii yoga instructor. Yoga Hawaii celebrates and promotes the growth of our yoga enthusiast reader's personal and professional yoga practice. Whether you are beginning your yoga journey or far along into your practice, Yoga Hawaii Magazine creates content related to yoga culture in Hawaii that all of our readers can learn, connect and grow from.

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